Why I Ride – Dr. Jerry Radich

Pictured above is Dr. Jerry Radich, 4th year rider and member of Fred Hutch’s Clinical Research Division, researching molecular genetics of leukemia and the detection of minimal residual disease. Here is why he rides.

I ride because I am weary of friends and family members getting cancer, and too often dying from it. I ride because I have given too many eulogies for dear friends. I ride because of the pain and suffering cancer causes my patients and their families. I ride to end cancer, to obliterate it.

I ride because of the sense of community that Obliteride fosters and spreads.  We work harder and harder, and the virtual world is becoming the platform for human interaction. Obliteride brings people together physically in common cause, and that is a healthy thing for body and mind.

I ride because it is better to be in good shape than bad. It is better to help others than not. It is better to give than take. Bike rides will not cure disease, but people will, and participation in Obliteride will make the dream to curing cancer closer and closer to reality.

Roll on.

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