“I realized this tumor and disease is part of me, likely forever. I chose not to fight my cancer but love it away.”
– Brian Tracy – Greenwood resident

Brian Tracy has every reason to be bitter and angry. The Greenwood man got brain cancer last year, when his wife was three months pregnant with their first child. Doctors told him he had an inoperable brain tumor. “We intentionally set the message of love and positivity and asked our family and friends to support us with that energy, while leaving fear and hate at the door,” said Brian.


Brian says loving the cancer doesn’t mean he forgoes treatment; it just means he stays positive, even when things are difficult. He’s completing a year of treatment and takes one day at a time, but he says the prognosis looks good. “I reflect on the past year and I am filled with gratitude,” said Brian. “Gratitude for my most amazing and strong wife, and for the gift of our incredible daughter Rosemary. I am even grateful to my tumor and disease itself, which has taught me about life and love in profound ways.”

Brian’s “Be Positive” motto inspired his friends, and prompted co-workers to create a t-shirt. A smiling Brian wearing shades with the motto “Be Positive” is on the front of the shirt. They’ve sold 850 shirts as part of a fundraiser, raising $14.400 for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, one of Fred Hutch’s partners.

This summer, the Greenwood father is setting his sights on the 25-mile route at Obliteride, a bike ride to raise money for Fred Hutch. “I am doing Obliteride because my life may depend on it someday,” said Brian. “Fred Hutch does incredible research right here in Seattle. I see a long life ahead of me, but having more tools to treat cancer may help save me and many others in the future.”

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