Queen Anne Man Rides in Obliteride to Help Cure Cancer

Losing his mother to cancer was a devastating and life-changing experience for Matthew Caprio. “Her death had a profound effect on me,” said Matthew. “During that time I decided I would find ways to live a healthier lifestyle and to do more to help other people and their families struggling with cancer to prevent experiences like my mom’s. Obliteride is one of those ways.”

Matthew is riding 50 miles this summer in Fred Hutch’s Obliteride.  He says he considers himself a novice rider. “Obliteride gives me the confidence and motivation to accomplish something bigger, both for myself, and for those who can’t,” said Matthew.


This is Matthew’s first organized ride and he’s been thrilled by the support Obliteride gives to riders, long before the ride. “Obliteride provides training schedules and fundraising tools to get me ready for the big day. Knowing there are dedicated support crews distributed along the routes and rest stops for food, water and mechanical support, gives me the peace of mind that I can stretch myself and yet have a safety net in case something pops up.”

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