Obliteride 2016: engage, embrace, emote, energize, execute

Reflecting on Obliteride 2016, it felt like the community was more engaged than ever. In such a neat way, we saw more people connecting in their own ways. More people personalized jerseys and wore special costumes. Teams had unique fundraisers all over the region, raising awareness in their own communities. More survivors shared stories, more researchers shared their knowledge and passion, and more people celebrated progress and hope at Gas Works, in Tacoma and back at Gas Works.

Looking around you saw tables rich with smiles, laughter, friendship and also pensiveness. The truth is we all come to Obliteride for the energy, fun, exercise and challenge and we all participate because we know there’s lots of work ahead. This is the foundation of Obliteride—a community committed to progress because we believe that research will yield discoveries that lead to cures. You can feel the commitment in everything we do together, but what makes Obliteride addictive is the positivity, love, compassion and humor we carry into it.

Take a look at these photos— a picture is worth…well you know, a gazillion words.

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