Fun ways to raise a lot of money


Team PB-Heery-HSW hopes to quadruple the amount they raise for Obliteride this year over last year. To get there, they’ve come up with some really creative fundraising ideas.

Team Captain Andrea McLean says to raise $3,000 last year “all we did was ‘direct ask’ people for donations.” They are changing things up this year to “keep things fresh and come up with fun ways for people to donate that aren’t really expensive but add up.” She says “Sometimes people find it easier to give $5-$10 a couple of times than $50 one time.”

Their goal is to have fun and get more people involved. These ideas sound like a lot of fun to us! Take a look and try one out. If you have a creative fundraising idea you’ve used, please share in the comments section.

Mother’s Day – Anyone who donates between now and Mother’s Day is entered into a drawing for a bottle of wine and box of Fran’s chocolates.

Father’s Day – Anyone who donates between the day after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is entered into a drawing for some craft beers.

Bike-to-work week – One of our riders is offering a mini-bike maintenance service for a fee that will be donated to the team.

Bakes sales – We are planning several bake sales and a couple “lemonade” stands during the lunch hour (root beer floats, ice cream bars, flavored waters, lemonade, etc).

Movie night at the office – We will provide baked goods and/or nacho bar.

Treasure hunt in the office – Participants pay to play.

Dessert raffle – People donate desserts and they are put on display – people then bid to get first pick.

Disgusting desk item – Shows up on your desk, you pay $x to move it, $x to put it on someone else’s desk and $x for insurance to NOT have it on your desk. (Andrea was thinking this could be a visit from her pug Dodger who is a sloppy kisser!)

Candy gram – Put together fun little bags of candy and sell them for a certain amount to be delivered to others in the office – like the old singing telegram idea.

$1 mile dollar – Tape $1 bills end to end until we get a mile.

Bring your inner child to work day – People submit baby or kindergarten pics of themselves and we compile them into a poster. People try to guess who is who and with their entry, they submit a donation.

“Wear your message” – For a donation we will wear a tutu or funny hat during Obliteride on top of our helmets that has your message on it OR we will write your message on an arm or leg.

Pink hippo ballerina costume – If we can convince the boss, the idea here is that if we raise a certain amount of $$ by a certain date/time, the boss will have to spend a day in a pink hippo ballerina outfit. He can “buy” his way out of it by matching our fundraising for the time period and upping it by $50.

“At the end of the campaign we will have three drawings,” Andrea said. “The prizes will be defined by how much people donate–the higher the amount, the better the prizes!”

Thanks to Team PB-Heery-HSW for jumping ALL IN and for sharing these great ideas!

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