It’s time to have fun at Obliteride


When SCCA’s Kari Stricker first heard about Obliteride, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to contribute to a good cause. “I wasn’t a bicyclist, so I volunteered. Obliteride was so fun! I loved the energy and I loved volunteering,” Kari said.

After volunteering last summer and seeing how much fun the riders had, Kari plans to ride this year. “I highly recommend others in the medical community participate in Obliteride to support cancer research and save even more lives in the future.”

Kari’s desire to help find a cure for cancer stems from her childhood. She was 9-years old when her uncle learned he had brain cancer. “For a decade, I watched him go through his treatments, the side effects, the changes in his speech and function due to the cancer and treatments,” Kari said. “I have pictures of him twirling me around in a wheelchair on the dance floor when I broke my ankle my senior year in high school.”

The experience and impact of her uncle’s death from cancer altered the course of Kari’s life. She wanted to help prevent others from suffering and sought a career in cancer research. Kari began working at Fred Hutch in 2005 where she worked for five years before moving to SCCA.

Kari is now the service line manager for Thoracic Oncology and Head & Neck Oncology at SCCA. She loved hanging out with her co-workers in the festive atmosphere. “We work hard every day to benefit patients and Obliteride was a great way for my co-workers and me to participate in something fun outside of work.”

Kari encourages people at SCCA and others in medical community to also get involved. “We are all part of this continuum of bringing world-class cancer research to the bedside,” Kari said. “Think of how many patients we’ve saved. It all started in a lab with research. It requires money, lots of money, to continue research for molecular profiling, immunotherapy, and other life-saving treatments.”


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