25-mile Route Description

Ride on Sunday, August 13
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OVERVIEW: Take a spin down to Seward Park. See some of Seattle’s most historic and most beautiful neighborhoods, and feel the lakeside breeze as you pedal along Lake Washington Blvd.

The 25-mile ride leaves Fred Hutch with a short incline up to the University bridge. The gentle downhill to Fuhrman Ave E is a nice way to continue this urban section as you then roll east on Boyer Avenue. Once on Boyer you will meander through the Montlake neighborhood, through Madison Valley and then up to Lake Washington Blvd. You’ll turn right, head south, and keep rolling down Lake Washington. Look around at the beautiful trees, homes and lakefront views as you pedal south through Leschi, under I-90 and then cruise along Lake Washington past the Mount Baker Crew House.  As you pass Mount Baker Beach you’ll suddenly notice you’re surrounded by cyclists, walkers and runners. Welcome to Bicycle Sunday and enjoy the fact that Lake Washington Boulevard is closed to motorized traffic all the way to Seward Park.

The miles will glide under your tires as you approach Seward Park. Enjoy your rest stop—grab some Nuun, water, bars, cookies, chips and whatever else keeps you moving before you turn around and head back the way you came. Heading back up to the Arboretum, you’ll remember that the downhill was fun, but the uphill burns a bit. It’s short and sweet. For you spinners out there, think of it as one song at 70% resistance. Once you get back to the University Bridge, you’ll turn left to loop around the South end of Lake Union, making your way toward the Finish chute at Gas Works Park.

Enjoy the celebration—what an accomplishment!

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