Anyone can do it

Guest post by Kira James

ME…? When I signed up for Obliteride I was not a cyclist at all!

I had heard about the inaugural Obliteride and thought it sounded like an amazing event but hadn’t considered actually riding in it. I didn’t even own a bike!

I donated to a friend who was riding the first year – and received his periodic updates about how training was going and the fun details about the incredible event itself. I decided to TRY to ride in Obliteride myself the next year.

I committed to the 25-mile route – and started looking for a bike. I borrowed a friend’s bike – and tried that out for a few rides on the Burk-Gilman Trail.

I realized it was something ANYONE could do – AND I was starting to really like biking. Who knew?! In fact, I decided to buy a bike of my own. The experts at Gregg’s Cycle helped me select a bike the right way. I rode several different types of road bikes in various price ranges and fell in love with one of them – I brought it home that day!

With the encouragement of a good friend, who graciously agreed to train me and show me the ropes of biking, I started regularly cycling out on the trails, out on the roads (which scared me a little at first) and finally practicing the Obliteride 2014 50-mile route when it was released!

I was now addicted to it! I was thrilled to be able to participate in, fundraise for, and be a part of this amazing event! I wrote letters and emailed everyone I knew – giving them the opportunity to donate or RIDE with me in Obliteride. To make it fun I added incentives… a little something for each dollar amount donated!  Orange bracelets, Starbucks drinks delivered, brownies, even baby/pet sitting!

People were GRATEFUL for the opportunity to be able to donate to The Hutch – and several have talked about riding WITH me in 2015!

Obliteride is something anyone can do! I signed up for the 25 – increased my commitment to 50 – and this is coming from someone who had never been a cyclist seven months prior to ride!

I rode those 50 miles with the names of cancer survivors and people who didn’t make it on my jersey. It was a special day and I felt good doing something to help those diagnosed with cancer in the future.

I would encourage ANYONE to get out there and do Obliteride! It is something you will NOT ever regret!

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