The Clock is Ticking


“I need FRED HUTCH to cure cancer in my lifetime.”
-Jeanette Woldseth, breast cancer survivor

Jeanette Woldseth put out fires in Bellevue for 28 years. Now she’s fighting to extinguish the scariest fire of her life… cancer. In 2010, a few years after retiring, Jeanette found out she had breast cancer. Two years after finishing treatment the cancer came back. This time it was stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Doctors told her there was no cure. Yet.

“I went on the Internet, looking for a better answer, and that’s where I found out about Obliteride,” said Jeanette. “At first I thought I would volunteer. I figured I could raise a few hundred bucks.”

Instead, the 61 year old went way out of her comfort zone and committed to riding 25-miles. “I had to go out and buy a bike! It’s a hybrid. It’s not the lightest bike but I rode it and I trained.”

“Asking for donations was outside my comfort zone too, but not anymore!” In just two years, Jeanette has raised nearly $13K for Obliteride. “It sometimes surprised me who donated. One of my biggest donors was my neighbor who I don’t know that well. You don’t know until you ask.”

Obliteride 2014

“That’s me. I have cancer. There is no cure for what I have. NOT YET.”

Jeanette is a true fighter. She’s still going through treatment at SCCA and she’s already signed up to ride 50-miles this year. We’re thrilled the former fire captain is now one of our team captains. Jeanette is also an Obliteride mentor, so if you’re a rookie Obliterider, she can help show you the ropes.


Obliteride 2014 – Jeanette is #5009.

“Obliteride is a great experience,” Jeanette said. “I felt like the Obliteride staff was my support crew. Other riders were so kind. One guy even stayed with me as I rode my heavy bike up the hill out of Seward Park.”

“I need Fred Hutch to cure cancer in my lifetime. Finding a cure takes money. A lot of money. That’s why we need to help Obliteride grow, so ask your friends to ride. And ask your friends to ask their friends.”

“We haven’t yet found a cure. And the clock is ticking.”

It’s time to end cancer.
It’s time to Obliteride.

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