Top Ten Reasons to Support Fred Hutch

Research is the fastest path to ending cancer. And, we are fortunate to have Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, one of the top cancer research institutes in the world, right here in our community. Every day, our scientists are inspired by the hope of finding the next big breakthrough that may lead to cancer cures.


1. GLOBAL LEADER: The mission of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is the elimination of cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. Home to three Nobel laureates and interdisciplinary teams of world-renowned scientists, Fred Hutch is a global leader in research to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

2. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION PIONEER: Fred Hutch scientists pioneered bone marrow transplantation—considered the #1 therapy for treating leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. It has also been used to cure AIDS and is being tested for application with other diseases. More than one million bone marrow transplants have been performed all over the world, extending and saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

3. DISCOVERING BETTER TREATMENTS: The Hutch’s pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation led to the development of immunotherapy, which harnesses the power of the immune system to treat cancer with minimal side effects. Today, immunotherapy is one of the most promising frontiers for less toxic, more effective cancer treatments. Fred Hutch continues to lead this field by creating therapies that retarget immune cells to fight cancer more effectively.

4. DISEASE PREVENTION: Fred Hutch houses the nation’s first and largest cancer prevention research program. We also have an entire division of world-leading researchers devoted to understanding and preventing infectious diseases. This research synergy is critical for discovery, and it gives us a unique ability to combat the roughly 25 percent of cancers worldwide that are caused by infectious disease.

5. INTERDISCIPLINARY INSIGHTS: Collaboration across research labs/scientists also helps reveal commonalities between different types of cancers—as well as how drugs developed for one type might also prove highly effective for another. For example, some breast cancer subtypes might be more similar to some prostate cancer subtypes than they are to other breast cancers. Who would have guessed?

6. SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE: Our long history of scientific excellence and research breakthroughs gives Fred Hutch scientists a competitive edge when applying for grants. As a result, they consistently garner more annual funding from the National Cancer Institute than any other research institute.

7. WOMEN’S HEALTH & BREAST CANCER PREVENTION: Fred Hutch houses the Women’s Health Initiative—the largest longitudinal health study of women ever conducted—which led us to understand that combination hormone replacement therapy significantly increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Our findings—and subsequent national recommendations—have resulted in 20,000 fewer breast cancer cases in the U.S. every year.

8. HPV VACCINE: We helped lay the groundwork for the development of Gardasil, a vaccine now administered to adolescent girls to protect them against the types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that account for 70 percent of cervical cancers. Gardasil was recently approved for use in adolescent boys as well. With widespread use of Gardasil in children, we aim to eliminate cervical cancer in future generations.

9. ENTREPRENEURIAL SCIENCE: A Hutch scientist developed tumor paint, a tool derived from scorpion venom to “light up” brain cancer cells. This aids surgeons in performing higher-precision brain surgery with less potential of harming healthy brain tissue.

10. TOGETHER WE CAN END CANCER: Fred Hutch scientists hold some of the greatest promise in understanding, curing and preventing cancer. We need more people to know that so we can accelerate research and save lives faster.

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