Two-day Route Description

Ride on Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13
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OVERVIEW: Head out to Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula on Saturday for 90 miles of beautiful Puget Sound vistas and challenging terrain. Party it up in Tacoma, stay overnight at the provided accommodations, and clip-in for a 60-mile return on Sunday along the coast.
Get ready for your favorite summer weekend! This route is really designed for those who truly enjoy time on their bikes, a good challenge and quality time with a dynamic group. Meet early at Fred Hutch, park your car, fuel up and get ready to pedal together for two miles to the ferry docks. Something about biking on to the ferry never gets old. Park your bike and head upstairs. Our awesome volunteers will be there with food and drinks to get you going. When we arrive on Bainbridge Island, you can choose to stop again before you start, or just start the ride. You’ll follow the popular Chilly Hilly route out of the town center and along the east side of the island. As you cross across the northern edge of the island you’ll pass Frog [and ladybug] rocks and head up to Agate Pass.

The Agate Pass Bridge is a narrow one, but is quite short—about ¼ mile. Please stay alert and ride single file. As you exit the bridge you’ll stop at a light and continue up Highway 305. It’s a long steady climb with traffic on your left, but you have a nice shoulder. As you come over the peak, you’ll take a left on to Lemolo Shore Drive NE. The scenery returns to spectacular as you pedal through these coast side neighborhoods on a low-traffic, two-lane road.

Follow the signs into Poulsbo, where you get your first breather of the day. Can a rest stop get any more beautiful? You’re in a nice park, overlooking a marina with a beautiful bay. It’s hard to beat. Fuel up and follow the signs along Front Street. You’ll be guided along other nice roads with decent bike lanes—generally great terrain. You’ll head back inland and get to Fairgrounds Road NW, where you’ll take a right and pedal past nice forests, and by some schools and neighborhoods.

After a bit, you’ll be directed to more coast-side roads with light traffic. This will bring you into Silverdale. You can stop again for more snacks and drinks and then continue on around Dyes Inlet. Again, look at the beautiful views off to the left. Head back inland on the Kitsap Peninsula and swoop around Kitsap Lake. It’s quaint and beautiful. You’ll then climb up from the lake, through some neighborhoods, a small industrial area, and ouch, there’s a steep, and thankfully really short, ascent.

As you climb, keep looking left, because part-way up the hill you’ll take a gentle left, ride two blocks through a neighborhood and cross into another residential area, where you’ll enjoy a descent, some curves and suddenly you’ll find yourself ready to climb Feigley Hill. Prepare mentally for this one. This is about a 1 mile climb with switchbacks along the way. This could be the longest slug of the day (think three long songs in spin class), so embrace it and know it’s for a good cause. Best part, lunch is about five miles from the top of the hill.

To add a little fun to the giant hill, we’re posting a King/Queen of the Mountain challenge. Download Strava prior to Obliteride weekend if you would like to participate. More details will be emailed directly to the two-day riders closer to Obliteride weekend.

Once at the top of Feigley Hill, you’ll roll from McCormick Woods, through more neighborhoods and back into Port Orchard…getting closer each mile to lunch at the Port Orchard Waterfront Park. From there, you’re back in the saddle for the second half of the day.

The next opportunity for a challenge segment is a Time Trial on Crescent Valley Drive NW. Again, download Strava prior to Obliteride weekend if you would like to participate and look for more details a couple of weeks before Obliteride weekend.

Once through Crescent Valley, you’ll enter Gig Harbor, where you’ll see the hustle and bustle of an oceanfront community where some live year-round and others come to vacation. There’s a lot to look at and typically a good number of summer afternoon shoppers and tourists. Look out for parking cars and pedestrians as you roll a few miles through town and get ready for the last real climb of the day.

As you leave Gig Harbor, you’ll realize that you’re going from sea level up to the Narrows Bridge deck. You have to get there someway and we’ve done our best to find a pleasant route there. It includes a ¾ mile climb out of Gig Harbor, but you’ll be rewarded with a few miles of lightly-traveled country road.

Now comes the fun. You’ll head over to the west side of Highway 16 and hop on the Scott Pierson Trail (paved pathway) heading into Tacoma. The path takes you on to the Narrows Bridge deck—you’re suspended nearly 200 feet above the water with glorious views. For those of you who fear heights, don’t worry. The path is quite wide, providing ample space to ride and pass others. You’ll pedal less than a mile to the other side and rise up back to the roadways.

As you approach the end of the exit ramp, you have two options: head into downtown Tacoma to your Finish Line at Tollefson Square. You’ll pedal through some historic Tacoma neighborhoods and into downtown. You’ll finish at Tollefson Square, right in the center of town and be greeted with the orange flags, tents, food and drink you’ll need to refuel and unwind.

When (for some that may be if…) you’re ready for a shower, your hotel room is just adjacent to the Square – easy and accessible for all. Check into your hotel room, clean up, rest and hang out before the private party starts around 6 pm.
On Sunday morning, join us for breakfast and get ready for another great day of riding. Fuel up, as this first stretch runs about 20 miles until the first rest stop in Redondo Beach.

You’ll roll out of Tacoma about 7 am and ride together through historic Tacoma neighborhoods and into downtown. The ride through Tacoma and across the port is filled with pretty views and is nearly all down-hill; a nice way to warm up the morning legs. As you get to the north side of Commencement Bay, you’ll head northwest on Marine View Drive, passing marinas, shipyards and an impressive scrap metal heap. Keep an eye on the road over here, as you need to cross a few railroad tracks.

At about mile 12 the road starts to rise off the water. This first climb of the day is a nice steady ascent and as you reach the peak, the rolling hills start. For the next eight miles you’ll enjoy a few rollers—with some challenging climbs and very fun descents. The views are spectacular, there doesn’t tend to be too much traffic and it’s a nice mix of forest and residential areas. The first rest stop of the day sits in Redondo Beach, a picturesque coastal town between Seattle and Tacoma. This cute area is definitely a well-kept secret. Grab a few bites, top off your water bottle and get ready for a good climb out of the oceanside town.

More fun challenges await you on the Day 2 route. There will be a King/Queen of the Mountain challenge segment setup on the tough climb out of Redondo Beach. Download Strava prior to Obliteride weekeend if you would like to participant in this challenge segment. More details will be emailed directly to the two-day riders closer to Obliteride weekend.

For the next 15 miles, you’ll pedal up and down the coastline. The views are spectacular and you’ll get a great work-out climbing in and out of the water’s edge. There are definitely a few short spikey peaks, but each ends just before your legs do and you’re constantly enjoying a fast coast down each peak.

You’ll see some of the best that Des Moines and Normandy Park have to offer. You’ll smell the ocean and the trees and see some beautiful homes and views. It’s a great hour of cycling. Then suddenly you find yourself in Burien for another rest stop. It’s about now that you can sense the finish line. You’re only about ½ way through the day, but the sights and sounds of Seattle are nearing and the surroundings are becoming more familiar.

Heading north out of Burien you’ll traverse some residential areas and then head west again and drop down into Fauntleroy Cove for another 12 miles of coast riding past Lincoln Park and around the shoreline of West Seattle. It’s spectacular to come around the point at Alki and see the Seattle skyline in the distance. That view never gets old. The ride along Alki is so fun in the summer, but watch for car traffic and pedestrians crossing the street to hit the beach and volleyball courts.

A Time Trial will be setup near Alki for pure FUN! Download Strava prior to Obliteride weekeend if you would like to participant in these segments. More details will be emailed directly to the two-day riders closer to Obliteride weekend.

Midway along Alki, we’ll offer another pit stop. It’s fun to grab a bite and people watch as you prepare for the return into the city and up to Gas Works Park. Roll out of the Alki rest stop head around the far north point of Alki and then south along Harbor Avenue. You’ll be guided under the West Seattle Bridge, and hop onto the Elliott Bay Trail which will guide you North along the water and whip you around Queen Anne using the Ship Canal Trail. You’ll reconnect with the Obliteriders just South of the Fremont Bridge as you head toward the Finish Line at Gas Works Park.

What a weekend, what a ride, what an accomplishment and where’s the shower truck?

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