Solid Tumor Cancer Research

Over 20% of the funds raised at Obliteride 2015 went to research happening in Solid Tumor Translational Research (STTR). Their website describes STTR in these words:

Solid Tumor Translational Research (STTR) is a transformative movement creating a strong sense of community among Seattle’s cancer investigators. Located in Seattle, the STTR group is comprised of investigators from four leading Northwest institutions – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterUW MedicineSeattle Cancer Care Alliance and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

STTR envisions an environment tailored to researchers and clinicians which allows them to accelerate scientific discovery and translate it into cures for patients, both regionally and globally. With the support from our philanthropic partners, we are poised to make major research advances that will significantly improve patient quality of life and survival.

STTR has used the funds from the Obliteride to develop accurate models for the development of brain tumors so that they can understand how the disease works and how to better treat it.  They have also used the funds to develop computer tools that help analyze the clinical and molecular data on thousands of cancer patients. With this, they will be able to better diagnose not only brain tumors patients, but all tumor types. In addition, these computational tools will allow them to use precision medicine approaches to identify therapies that are more likely to work based on the details of the patient’s tumor.

For more information on STTR, please check out their interactive website.

Thank you for supporting this collaboration and research!

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