Chili Feed Brings in Over $2k

Looking for an easy way to kickoff your fundraising? Offering delicious food for donations is always a winner. Check out how one rider raised BIG money with a simple chili feed. Good food plus good company equals goal achieved for Dave Dapelo!

Guest post by Dave Dapelo, 5 year Obliterider

In the past two years, I have raised over $2500 in cash donations while “hosting” a chili feed at my office. I use the word “hosting” lightly, as I really can’t take any credit for the work that has gone into making this fundraising possible. I haven’t needed to do any real cooking, and have not contributed to the cost of running it. Thanks to the generosity of my employer, the cost of the chili fixings have been covered, and Diane Coughlin has served the role of “Chili Master”, which she has done for many years to raise funds for various fundraising endeavors. Diane retired this past year from regular office duty, so I called in a favor to get her back in for the day to make it all possible.

Leading up to the chili feed, we sent an office announcement to let everyone know it was coming, and asked for additional baked goods to go with the chili. Seven of my co-workers brought in corn bread and baked treats to help sweeten the pot.

The suggested donation for chili was $20, and treats each had an additional suggested donation amount. I began the day by sending out an email to the office explaining why I do Obliteride and how the money raised is used in the Fred Hutch labs. I included a link to my Obliteride page, and immediately began receiving donations from individuals who also took advantage of the company’s annual matching policy. With cash donations throughout the day, individual online donations with matching, and the company matching over half the cash donations, the day brought in $2383!!!

Thanks to the Coughlin Porter Lundeen employees for making the day such an amazing success!

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