Obliteride Volunteers are Amazing!

We hear this all the time! Obliteride volunteers are the best!

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 23-29), we want to thank our 5-year volunteer program sponsor Lease Crutcher Lewis. They’ve been with us since the start and have been instrumental in growing Obliteride and establishing it as a premier Northwest event.

Since 1999, Lewis has been Fred Hutch’s on-campus general contractor.  “Because of this long- standing relationship and 18 years of daily involvement in-day-to day operations, we didn’t think twice when approached to be a sponsor for Obliteride,” says Linda Helm, Lease Crutcher Lewis project manager and Obliteride team captain for years 1 and 2.

Lewis is extremely proud of their involvement with Obliteride. And for good reason!

LCL team shot

Over the past 4 years, Team LEWIS & Friends CERCumvent Cancer has collectively raised over $800,000 – and they are striving to hit the $1 million mark in year 5!

“We could not do this without the full commitment of our employees,” Helm says. We have a lot of serious riders and it’s great to have a common goal, outside of the work day, toward the success of supporting Fred Hutch.”

Every year, Lewis’ Fred Hutch campus construction crew volunteers a day of labor to help set up at Gas Works Park for the Friday night kick-off party.  Employees, friends and families of employees have also volunteered at the kick-off party, the 2-day rider send-off, and in numerous other roles.

“I don’t ride, so volunteering and recruiting volunteers is my yearly mission,” Helm says.  “It is awe inspiring to be part of this event and to know how much it means in support of Fred Hutch’s mission to eliminate cancer and related diseases.

Honestly, it’s hard not to tear up when you hear the riders’ stories or see the riders ready to go.  Even the Obliteride videos give me a lump in my throat.”

Lewis’ goal for year 5 has not changed:  “We want to be the biggest team and raise the most money,” Helm says.  “I’d also like to see as many volunteers as riders on our team.”

Obliteride extends a heartfelt thank you to Lewis and all of our volunteers for going ALL IN! We couldn’t do it without you.

More information about volunteering at Obliteride is available here.

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