These five Obliteride team members have been involved since the beginning—and have helped grow Obliteride into what it is today. This is a special year for the team. Here they reflect on what Obliteride 5 means to them personally.

Corporate Engagement Manager

Melissa and Franti
One of Melissa’s favorite Obliteride memories is meeting headliner Michael Franti at the kickoff party of the inaugural Obliteride in 2013.

Year 5 – I’M IN!
More than I like riding bikes, I love being part of a community working hard today to have a more full and happy tomorrow. This community is Fred Hutch’s Obliteride and I’m so proud to be part of it. Obliteride is so much more than a bike ride – it’s a beacon of hope, healing and how amazing life can be when people come together. The researchers at Fred Hutch are smart enough, bold enough and are forging forward to find better outcomes, better treatments and more cures for cancer. I know my role in raising funds for Obliteride plays an important part. I am lucky to work with incredible riders, volunteers, donors and sponsors who also share this belief. Let’s do this, year 5!

Strategic Alliances & Operations

Mark and family
Mark and his family at Obliteride 2016.

I was drawn to Fred Hutch for the mission and values of the organization soon after my father’s passing, due to complications from prostate cancer. I committed to Obliteride in 2012 with the intention to influence the team to build community while engaging my network to support a cycling event that is all in for saving lives, curing diseases and ending human suffering. It was a natural and seamless decision in 2012 and five years later, my daily resolve has been emboldened by the culture at Fred Hutch. The intelligence, dedication and teamwork that permeates the organization proves that we are all driven to leave this world in a better place for future generations.

Samantha Happe
Project Manager

Samantha and Hannah
Samantha at Obliteride 2016 with her baby girl Hanna—a future Obliterider!

I am so proud to work for Obliteride. It’s inspiring to come to work every day knowing I’m contributing to ending cancer. I’m continually amazed by the research happening here at Fred Hutch (hello scorpion venom) and the stories of people who are being cured by advances in immunotherapy. Obliteride weekend is exhilarating and exhausting – a culmination of 12 months of work to create the best experience we can for all of our participants. Seeing the sea of orange riding throughout our city and region all with a shared mission and wanting a future for my kid that doesn’t fear the word cancer are what make Obliteride so special for me. See you at Obliteride 5!

Public Relations and Media Relations

Kerri and family
Kerri loved riding with her daughter in 2015. Her husband Pete is the cyclist in the family and has enjoyed the two-day ride every year.

When I first learned about Obliteride in 2012, I knew I wanted to be part of it. The mission, the energy, the people and that powerful name. Obliteride. I want to help obliterate cancer, because like most people, I’ve lost too many friends and family to cancer. One of my favorite things about working with Obliteride, is getting to know the amazing, inspiring and passionate people who make up our community. Part of my job is connecting riders with members of the media, so they can let even more people know about Obliteride and the incredible work being done at the Hutch. I’m excited to be riding 25-miles to celebrate my five years with Obliteride, so look for me and say “hi”!

Public Relations and Communications

Amy Anderson tutu
Amy crossing the finish line at Obliteride 2016.

Obliteride became VERY personal for me shortly after joining the team in 2012. My best friend of 40 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January of 2013, and passed away in January of 2014. Obliteride is SO much more than a job for me. It’s healing. It’s hope. It’s fun. It’s family. It’s cures. It’s one of the best weekends of the summer—and I look forward to it all year long. I am so excited for the 5th year milestone when the Obliteride family comes together to help Fred Hutch CURE CANCER FASTER! Let’s do this!


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