Obliteride 5 Reflections: What a Ride!


By Andrea Gomes Morrison, Director of Obliteride

Fred Hutch Obliteride 2017 – what a ride!

I started as the Director one month before our Gas Works Park party, and it was a very speedy and thankfully smooth ride up until Obliteride weekend. During those four weeks, I tried to talk to as many people, watch as many videos, and read as many rider donation pages as possible. I was trying to envision just how big Obliteride 5 would be. Going into the weekend, I knew it would be big and bold, but what impressed me the most was the true sense of community around the ride.

On Friday night, I heard riders connecting with each other after meeting at previous Obliterides. On Saturday, I spoke with SAG drivers who were very proud to have volunteered for all five years. On Sunday, I saw families and friends come out and wildly cheer on their riders.

Obliteride is bigger than a ride, bigger than a weekend, and certainly bigger than Seattle.

What moved me the most was sitting back and realizing that all of us – riders, cheerleaders, volunteers, Hutch staff, our national anthem singer – are all pulling together for the one important goal of Curing Cancer Faster.

I love that everyday athletes picked up their bikes, set big personal fundraising goals, and made Obliteride big and meaningful.

One of our riders let us know that he was basking in the “Obliteride Afterglow.” I hope that you too are still basking in the Obliteride Afterglow and are plotting how you’ll come back in 2018 and bring even more people along for an incredible ride!


SAVE THE DATE: Aug. 10-12, 2018



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