Why We Ride: Team Oath

team 1_cropped
Before we get into this post, a quick PSA! Did you hear that AOL and Yahoo came together this summer to form Oath (A Verizon company)?

Team Oath came on board as a sponsor of Obliteride this year forming a corporate team and providing in-kind ad placement across their extensive digital network.

This is the second year Oath (previously AOL) has been involved with Obliteride. This year they recruited 12 members to their team.

We caught up with Oath team member, Jamie Irvine, to find out about their Obliteride experience and why they ride.

What inspired Oath to become a sponsor of Obliteride?
Oath opened a new Seattle office and we wanted an opportunity to align with an amazing local event for an amazing cause.

What did you think of your Obliteride experience this year?
The whole experience was amazing! The entire weekend was so special and definitely a look-forward- type event. Allen Stone was off the charts good at the kickoff party.

What do you enjoy most about Obliteride?
Being a part of Fred Hutch and supporting their commitment to eradicating cancer.

Do you have a personal connection to the cause?
Over 20 years ago, my family lost my cousin Chris to cancer at the young age of 28. At that time, Chris and his charity left money for Fred Hutch cancer research. Fast forward, and that cancer research directly helped to treat my dad’s cancer, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as we lost him earlier this year.

Why do you think it’s a good idea for Oath and its employees to participate in Obliteride?
It’s a great opportunity to further build our team culture and spend time with each other outside of the office while supporting a great cause.

team 2


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