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Through our sponsor Blue Nile, we awarded two diamonds this year to riders as incentives to grow their teams and raise more donations. One of our diamond winners, Cindy Jatul, shared why she participated in Obliteride. Not only did she have a connection through her mother receiving care at Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, but she has also participated in our Science Education Partnership program for high school teachers.

“I was very motivated to ride in Obliteride this year for two main reasons.  My mom was found to have a spot on her lungs in mid-December.  Despite the fact that it looked very suspicious for adenocarcinoma on CT, another medical institution was going to have her wait 6+ weeks for a biopsy.  She self-referred herself to SCCA.  SCCA informed her that she had early stage lung cancer and in their workup also discover a separate cancer in her kidney.  SCCA coordinated two surgeries through the UW.  She is now considered to be cancer free!  Because the Hutch is part of SCCA we agreed that doing Obliteride would be a great way to pay tribute to the efforts of the Hutch to “cure cancer faster”.

My other main reason for joining Obliteride this year is because the Hutch has long supported my teaching of biotech at Roosevelt High School.  I participated in the Science Education Partnership training program in 2006 and ever since have benefited from equipment, supplies, and expertise to provide hundreds of students with authentic experiences in biomedical science!  My students have gone on to internships, including the Hutch, research as undergrads, awards at NWABR’s BioExpo, and new found passions in molecular biology!  I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy hiking at Mt Rainier with my mom yesterday or feel the thrill of inspiring students without Fred Hutch!”

Since 1991, Fred Hutch’s Science Education Partnership has helped foster partnerships between research scientists and over 500 secondary school science teachers in Washington State.


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