5 Ways to Be Big & Bold with Your Fundraising

5 Ways to Be Big & Bold with Your Fundraising

5 Ways to Be Big & Bold with Your Fundraising

  1. Give Something Away

Do you like to bake, sew, knit, sketch, or write haikus? For $25, $50, $100, or more, offer up a one-of-a-kind creation to your community. Last year, Marissa gave quilted postcards to the ladies in her quilting circle for a $25 donation. She raised over $1000. This year, Marissa turns 50 years old and will be asking $50 for each quilted postcard.

  1. Sell Your Real Estate

Pick an amount, say $150, and offer to wear a name that your donor wants to honor on your ride or walk. You choose how fancy you want to get: write names on stickers, screenprint names on your jersey/shirt, or have embroidered patches made. Scott sold embroidered patches last year and raised over $7000.

  1. Workplace “Fill-in-the-blank” Feed

We all need to eat lunch at work anyway, why not make it into a fundraiser? Be it crockpots of chili or pulled pork, host a feed at work and ask for a suggested donation. David did this last month and raised over $2000 in one lunch. BONUS – his company matched the employee’s donations for the lunch, which means he actually raised over $4000.

  1. Work Your Work Network

Many Obliteriders share their fundraising goal through their social media networks, but have you considered using your LinkedIn Network? Rich, our third highest fundraiser last year, flexed his LinkedIn muscles and did most of his fundraising by reaching out to his LinkedIn contacts. Did I mention he was our third highest fundraiser?

  1. Make It Personal

Text a photo of you and a friend to said friend along with the link to your page, and ask them to support your ride. Seems pretty basic right? That personal touch propelled Nina past her $1000 goal last year.


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