Preparing to Make a Big Ask

People do not give because an organization has needs. Rather, people give to bold, heroic programs. Fred Hutch has been built on bold programs like bone marrow transplant, immunotherapy and Cord blood expansion. Your participation in Obliteride is a vehicle to connect your community to the bold work that is taking place at the Hutch labs. We have an audacious goal of finding curative therapies for most, if not all cancers, by 2025. You are in the perfect spot to inspire your community to be bold in their giving.

The people you are planning to ask will contribute because of your relationship with them. To get them to stretch and give more, inspire them and remember that you are giving them the opportunity to participate in finding a cure for cancer.

Guiding Principles

1.  Know where your donors interests are plan your next steps accordingly.

2.  Be transparent – share what you are trying to accomplish and agree to next steps.

Making the Ask

  1. Get to Know
    • Spend some time thinking about who in your life can make a larger gift. Questions to consider:
      • What’s important to them now (work, family, personal interest, life stage, etc.)?
      • What do they know about the Hutch and what is their impression?
      • What is their Fred Hutch or cancer story?
      • What is their connection to your cancer story?
  1. Cultivate


  1. Ask
  • Be transparent. Let them know that you would like to talk with them about making a gift to your Obliteride
  • Remember that you are not asking for a gift for yourself. You are giving them an opportunity to have an impact on a cause that you strongly believe in.


 Kjell Oswald and Kevin Parker, Associate Directors with Fred Hutch Philanthropy

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