Obliteride Funding in Action: Dr. Eric Holland

Dr. Eric Holland is bringing the best minds in the Pacific Northwest together to improve cancer treatment and save lives. See how Obliteride makes it possible.


Every day, Dr. Eric Holland — an internationally renowned surgeon and researcher — puts his vast experience to work to give more patients better treatment options.

Through the Seattle Translational Tumor Research group (STTR), Dr. Holland unites researchers, clinicians, biostatisticians, and other experts from across institutions to find better answers and lifesaving new approaches for patients.

It’s a goal that takes tenacity — and your support. Obliteride dollars help make STTR possible. In this short video, you’ll meet Dr. Holland, see his lab at Fred Hutch, and learn why your contributions matter so much.

A little more about Dr. Holland

Dr. Holland’s compassion is matched only by his lifetime of experience. In addition to leading STTR, he is a researcher at Fred Hutch, serves as the senior vice president and director of our Human Biology Division, is the director of the Alvord Brain Tumor Center at the University of Washington (UW), and is a professor of neurological surgery at UW. Read more about Dr. Holland.

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