Fred Hutch’s Obliteride breaks fundraising record raising nearly $3 million

Obliteride is now the top charity bike ride in the Northwest More than 2,000 Obliteride riders raised $2.8 million in 2017, more than any previous year, with every dollar going to lifesaving research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Obliteride is now the largest and most successful charity bike ride in the Pacific Northwest. “We are grateful to all our riders, sponsors, and volunteers for … Continue reading Fred Hutch’s Obliteride breaks fundraising record raising nearly $3 million

Why We Ride: Team Oath

Before we get into this post, a quick PSA! Did you hear that AOL and Yahoo came together this summer to form Oath (A Verizon company)? Team Oath came on board as a sponsor of Obliteride this year forming a corporate team and providing in-kind ad placement across their extensive digital network. This is the second year Oath (previously AOL) has been involved with Obliteride. … Continue reading Why We Ride: Team Oath

Obliteride 5 Reflections: What a Ride!

By Andrea Gomes Morrison, Director of Obliteride Fred Hutch Obliteride 2017 – what a ride! I started as the Director one month before our Gas Works Park party, and it was a very speedy and thankfully smooth ride up until Obliteride weekend. During those four weeks, I tried to talk to as many people, watch as many videos, and read as many rider donation pages … Continue reading Obliteride 5 Reflections: What a Ride!


These five Obliteride team members have been involved since the beginning—and have helped grow Obliteride into what it is today. This is a special year for the team. Here they reflect on what Obliteride 5 means to them personally. MELISSA OPLAND Corporate Engagement Manager Year 5 – I’M IN! More than I like riding bikes, I love being part of a community working hard today … Continue reading WHY WE LOVE OBLITERIDE!

Métier Joins Obliteride Community

We are excited to announce that Métier Racing and Coffee has officially joined the Obliteride community. In addition to purchasing a Corporate Team Package, Métier will also become the “clubhouse” for Obliteride, host weekly Obliteride training rides, provide 2-for-1 coupons for coffee to Obliteride participants, and host the Obliteride 2017 celebration party in October. The Obliteride clubhouse located at the Métier shop on Capitol Hill … Continue reading Métier Joins Obliteride Community